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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on Book 2 of the Masters of Tabu, Master Prince! I've enjoyed writing this one and now I have to go back to Book 1 and add a few tweaks to make sure everything jives. Can't wait for these to start releasing, but alas, I have to wait until March of next year. :(

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guilty Indulgence: Blog Hop

I'm participating in my very first Blog Hop!!! To participate in my giveaway, and because I'm new at this, and since I don't have anything released yet, I'll be giving away a $10 GC to Secret Cravings Publishing to all that leave a comment (with email address, please) and follow my blog AND my Facebook Page or Twitter (I'm new everywhere and would love some likes, pleeeease).  I am giving a sneak peek at my Masters of Tabu Series, Master Knight's story is due to release March 2013. Winner will be selected by

My guilty pleasure is cheesecake, plain, New York Style. Occasionally, I will indulge and add strawberries, but am a purist and like it plain. A nice way to end a good meal with my significant other. When in New York City last year, had to check out Junior's which I'd heard had good ones. Went there for a late night meal and of course had to try a slice. Not bad, not bad at all.
So let me know what your foodie guilty indulgence is.

Here's the link to other participants in the hop, be sure to follow:
Guilty Indulgence Blog Hop


Simon had assured him there would be some possibilities, but as far as Marcus could determine, none fit the fantasy. Maybe that’s what it was—a fantasy on his part. As he stood on the edge of the terrace gazing out to the night sky and the city lights below, he remembered sinking further into the whirlpool of his idealistic illusory world and his alternate persona, Master Knight of Club Tabu.
Knight pictured a small town girl, innocent and full of life ready to do his bidding. She’d have blonde hair, smooth pale skin, curves and blue-violet eyes like the Bluebonnets back home. Although at this point in looking, he’d settle for the innocent and full of life prerequisite.
Slow, methodical training of the woman would be his ideal way. He’d tie her arms and legs in such a manner as to prevent any movement, and exposing her pussy to his view and use.
His submissive would have her nipples pierced and they would have gone together to get them done. He would put a gold chain connecting the piercings and another attached to her clit. He could imagine the exquisite pain and pleasure he’d deliver to her with the slightest tugs on the chain with her begging for more.
Another long pull of the beer and he surveyed the area and saw no one, then rubbed his already stiff cock through his trousers. The fantasy continued to play through his mind. Taking a step back and resting on the storage room wall, he pressed harder on his erection, stroking through the fabric with concerted intensity.
He dropped further into his daydream, closing his eyes and picturing the same scenario he’d run through many times. Knight had honed his own dominant skills by teaching again at the club in-between running his international enterprise of gaming development. His other partners thought he took on the challenge to get over his bad divorce and subsequent stalker, but his intentions were far from their misconceptions.
Marcus fancied himself as the picture-perfect dominant, at least appearance wise. Sure, he had wealth, a long list of luxury items at his disposal, a swanky bachelor pad, and not bad in the looks department, but he was more. He also had a sadistic streak which occasionally got him in trouble. He may have been tough as nails and a pompous ass where business was concerned, but Marcus Knight didn’t let much penetrate his outward granite shell. At least that’s what he preferred people to believe except for his college friends. Even his ex-wife called him a sick, sadistic bastard. He learned since to keep most of his emotions concealed, but he had a tender heart and wanted to share that side with the right person. One day.
At least that had been the decision he’d made six months before. Change. The trip to New York was for business not finding his dream girl and fell back into his fantasy.
He stopped the serious thinking and ratcheted up the heat building in his groin. He pulled and rubbed his hard-on with a firm grip through the denim. The perfect woman would take him as he was, and kneel at his feet, legs parted revealing her smooth pussy. She’d have high and spiked heels upon her feet and the only other adornment would be the golden chain attached to her nipples and clit.
Her head would remain bowed, but her eyes were alert beneath her long lashes to watch and anticipate her master’s smallest desire. The girl’s hands would be locked behind her back with her ass poised on the back of her heels. She’d remain in this position, spine straight and showing no strain, for hours without complaint. Occasionally, he drifted a finger to her pussy. The wetness there would please him.
Knight made a gesture with his index finger for her to do as he asked with the silent command. The girl rose with effortless grace to her knees, keeping her eyes lowered to the floor and crawled to him with her head level to his crotch. She’d open her master’s belt and undo the closure to his tailored suit pants. The fantasy in his head was echoed there on the terrace. He felt the pre-cum leaking from the slit of his growing shaft. Wishing for the inevitable conclusion of release any minute, Knight closed his eyes and imagined his baby girl waiting for permission to suck her master’s long, thick cock. She loved to suck his cock and he was the only who determined when and how. He remembered lost in the imaginary realm with his slave taking him in her mouth and licking over the rock hardness of his dick as he caressed her hair, pressing down on her head in encouragement.
Those long slender fingers cupped and kneaded his balls as the slave’s hot tongue engulfed his cock, working her magic with cat-like licks. She’d learned well what he liked and not. More like what he craved.
He had wasted enough time at the boring party and just as he decided to fore go the fantasy…
The opening and closing of the metal door around the corner had grabbed him out of his thoughts. He turned to spy who intruded on the private, quiet time away from the crowded and suffocating party on the level below. The magic of the moment had been broken by what appeared next.
Not prepared for the woman who filled his vision, he stepped back further into the shadows and watched. Waited. Dressed in black, the proper clothing it seemed for women in New York, the blonde walked on wobbly platform heels toward the railing. He shook his head wondering how women could walk in the ridiculously high shoes. Wearing them to walk or dance seemed like torture. Yeah, he loved how the look made their legs long and their butts stick out, but they had to be hell on their backs. This woman was no different. The short dress showed off her incredibly toned, long legs and molded over every curve of her body, revealing a small waist, high pert breasts and an ass he wanted to squeeze. He remembered how her sweet perfume drifted through the breeze and reached him behind the screen when she first entered. No other woman he’d known smelled the way she did that night. Hot, sensual and a hint of black currant, a scent so distinct and fit her perfectly. Innocent, yet seductive.
She sighed and he instantly became more intrigued. Why would a pretty girl sigh, alone, at a party filled with many eligible people to engage her in conversation? He laughed to himself, realizing he was no different. The woman, no young woman barely legal from what he could tell, walked toward the balcony railing. She looked down as if absorbed in a problem. He stayed, staring at her. Waiting. Watching.
“Oh crap! Now what am I going to do?” She spoke and his heart skipped a beat when he heard the sweet Southern accent in her voice. The words were filled with frustration and hurt. He wanted to take her in his arms and comfort her. Hell, he had to do more. For some unspeakable reason his cock hardened at the sight and sound of her. A collar, leash around her slender neck and a good spanking on her heart-shaped ass would certainly satisfy his lust for the woman.
Taking a step forward to reveal himself, he stopped upon hearing the metal door clang again.

Hope you enjoyed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I've received a contract for the entire series of Masters of Tabu with the first book releasing March 2013. Master Knight is kicking things off and I'm excited to bring his story to the public's eye. As it progresses, I'll post short excerpts and the synopsis. Until then you can see information on the separate tab above.

Gray Dixon 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is a new site for my works in Erotic Romance Literature. This is still in an Under Construction mode and will evolve as more links, blogs and stories happen.

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