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Today is release day for Apartment 18B, Book 1 of the Park Avenue Trilogy, from I Heart Book Publishing.


Unlock unimaginable pleasure…
Christopher Nash, a man of the world is disgustingly wealthy and to some a notorious womanizer. His methods in sex and women are the same as in his business dealings—execute a plan and always get what he wants. After rescuing a sassy and gorgeous woman, something behind her eyes makes him want to take care of her.

…and surrender to him.
Brooklyn Jameson literally stumbles at the feet of a mysterious man. Handing her an unusual business card offers the opportunity to meet again. At the appointed time and place, he makes an offer she can’t refuse. Life is about to change when she accepts the proposition—four weekends unlocking her wildest fantasies of pleasure.

In the end, can Brooklyn trust Christopher and surrender to every dark desire inside Apartment 18B or run away when he breaks her heart?




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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

COMING SOON~Apartment 18B

Apartment 18B is finally done, well, almost. I have to do some last minute formatting to make it as polished and perfect as possible. Expect a release date before Christmas which is not too far away! Until then, check out this little teaser video. Come back and see more leading up to the actual release.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Marriage of Inconvenience NEW RELEASE by ELISE HEPNER

I have Elise Hepner back today with more on her new book, A Marriage of Inconvenience.


Izzy Thorton’s mother is dying.

Her best friend, Sebastian Leery, made Izzy’s mother’s dying wish come true.

Now Izzy and Sebastian are getting hitched in a quickie ceremony.

Among the myriad of problems for Izzy including her new husband’s little black book, his workaholic tendencies, and his hidden, although not so secret love of BDSM—she’s actually in love with him. Caught with the task of proving to him that his self-perceived sins hide a man only his secretly submissive best friend could accept, can she convince Bash before he pushes her away for good?

Sebastian Leery’s mother was murdered in front of him.

To spare his best friend pain he’ll renounce his playboy ways.

Now he needs to be a man he never thought he was capable of becoming—for his wife.

But his difficulties have only begun when his demons rise to the surface and tap dance all over his new marriage—with the potential to scare away the most important woman in his life. When Izzy insists she’s in love with him, he yearns to rip off the mask of normalcy, and bare it all so she knows the monster behind the man. Torn between her vision of him and his reality, Sebastian must walk a thin line. Can he convince Izzy that she’s in love with a mirage, without destroying their relationship in the process?

Tied together for life, will they choose to tighten the ropes, or break their bonds for good?


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Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was a whole night of pent up sexual frustration, she didnt knowall she did know was she wasnt going to do a damn thing he said tonight. A very masculine noise trickled from deep down in his throat. Izobel only regretted the refusal to bow down to orders for a second.

Then he stalked toward the edge of the bed.

Izobel. Put. On. Your. Clothes.

She shook her head and crossed her arms underneath her breasts lifting them in her bra. His gaze shot there before flicking up to her face with a frown.

I know what I want. Stop refusing to give it to me.

I will punish you. I wont care if you dont like it. Ive come very close to breaking tonight, and you will push me to my breaking point. Do you understand what youre courting? I dont think you have the foggiest idea, Izzy,he whispered the words with an edge shed never expected to hear from him. A lust shed only ever heard in her dreams or fantasies.

She settled more firmly back into the pillows.

Im comfortable.

Your choice. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Before she could take another breath, his hand snatched at her outstretched ankle, and he dragged her across the bed. She let out a quick scream but didnt fight him. Her limbs were oddly weightless, head spinning as he plopped down on the foot of the bed and dragged her over his lap as if she were a light, feather pillow. Bash cursed as she settled over his hard cock which poked into her abdomen like a giant sign that tonight was going to be one to remember.

Cry out as much as you like. It might make you feel better. I know I like it.

There was barely enough time to register a prickle of fear before his palm thwacked against her right ass cheek, and the first sharp sting radiated through her body with a spike of adrenaline-fueled surprise.

Oh, God,she moaned, instinctively wiggling away even while his other hand was clamped firmly against the back of her neck.

Theres much more where that came from, baby. Im giving you everything you deserve, everything you think you want, and everything you asked for tonight. Then well see how much you love me.

His little speech only half-registered before a steady rain of blows against her ass ripped her breath from her body. It hurt more than shed anticipated, but there was a small place inside her that warmed, glowing, with every blow. There was no holding back her small whimpers or moans. If he was going to do it, he deserved to know exactly how she felt while he was inflicting the best erotic torture shed ever endured. As if to prove his point, he turned up the intensity until the next series of well-placed spanks jerked up her spine and made her bow over his lap grinding into his thick cock.

Her hands automatically scrambled for purchase, face flushed with the struggle of accepting the burn of his palm on her ass. Every second was another second where she willingly submitted, another second she couldnt breathe past the desire pulsing through her body.

I wont stop until you wear my brand on your ass for days, baby. Scream for me if you have to, I like it.

She moaned giving up the struggle of trying to gain her balance until every blow shifted her across his noticeable erection. As soon as she got too far away his fingers bit into her thigh, pulling her back. There was no escape, no mercy. Fresh waves of pain radiated up her spine and down into her toes. It only intensified the deep, pleasurable ache that burrowed deep in her middle washing over her in small bursts of white. Her thoughts became a blank canvas, pussy fluttering and pulsing from his attention. Soon her body became attuned to each blow, anticipatory tingling across her flesh in goose bumps.

Youre getting downright pliant underneath my palm, wife. Are you liking it a little too much?When his hand squeezed one bruised cheek, the flash of agony made her shudder from the marks hed already inflicted on her tender ass. Tell me you love it, and mean it.

She swallowed, trying to work her jaw when her brain felt drugged. Her mouth was dry, and she blinked past the haze of overstimulation. Bashs other hand fell on the back of her neck as he jerked her head up, fingers digging into her spine where it felt close to a really rough massage.

What did I say, baby? My hand isnt even tired.The threat in his low voice made her body pulse, bucking on his lap, and he hissed through his teeth. Oh, I like it when you struggle.

I love it!His fingers squeezed once on her neck, and she yelped. I love it, Sir. Yes, please. Please, Sir.

Mmm, very good. You get a reward.She could hear the smile in his voice, and the idea that shed pleased him for whatever reason brought a dopey grin to her lips.

Vague hopes for more orgasms flashed across her thoughts before he gave her right ass cheek another resounding smack, and she cried out.

Get off me. On your knees facing me.

Oh, shit. Moving seemed utterly impossible. His hands were gone, and she was left to fend for herself, eventually rolling to the side with a wince and landing unceremoniously onto the floor.

Be careful. I dont want you to damage anythingthats my job,Bash practically purred as Izzy struggled to get back into her submissive position with her ass a giant throbbing welt of stinging bliss.

She practically squirmed from the unaccustomed discomfort. Any time she moved, it was a giant sign in her head reminding her whod just claimed her completelyand she couldnt deny she was getting off on it. Her nipples poked through her white bra, skin hypersensitive as if she hadnt gotten any in a year. Her cheeks flamed, pulse clamored at her neck as if her blood wanted to leave her body. But she never raised her gaze from the carpet. Despite the fact that her whole body shook and she was on the edge waiting for his next directive, she remained in position with her hands clasped firmly behind her back.

You look beautiful, Izzy,The huskiness in his voice made her blink back tears.

There was a strained grunt before the ripping noise of zipper teeth being parted rent through the air. Izobel gave her hands an extra squeeze for comfort. His fingers cupped her jaw, and the small touch made her gasp as she licked her lips. It was a constant struggle to keep her eyes glued to the floor.

Open for me, baby.

Without thinking her lips parted at the same time that he jerked her head up and no sooner was she compliant than his cock was sliding to the hilt down her throat. For a second, she panicked, a lack of air making her mentally scramble. But his fingers ran down her cheek, a light stroke that left her boneless. He was still here. He wouldnt ever truly hurt her badlynot unless she wanted it. With that trust in mind, she forcibly relaxed her mouth. He was too thick and the head brushed too deep in her throat until she thought shed choke and gag. But he gripped her by the back of the head with a sexy chuckle, the small noise making her juices coat her inner thighs.

Dont you dare look away from me. You feel fucking amazing, you know that? God, what have I been missing out on all these years?Bash made a masculine noise of satisfaction. Im going to ride your pretty mouth and youre going to take me. Do you understand?

Izobel did her best to nod despite half his cock still hollowing her cheeks, her eyes watering from taking him in her mouth. No sooner had he said something than he slammed his hips forward driving his cock down deep again. She fought a scream. The instinct for air prickled deep inside her body, but her thoughts could only register his punishing thrusts between her lips. She did her best to suck him, stroke him with her tongue. But he made it perfectly clear she wasnt the one in control as he abused her mouth until her jaw ached with the strain of it.

Thats it. Take me deeper. Yes.

There was nothing more she wanted than to please him despite the shock mingling with arousal in her system. She was on fuck auto-pilot. So purely alive and aware that each moment zinged against her synapsis. Never would she forget the way his cock slid down her throat, how his skin tasted sweet, his precum, slightly salty as she laved her tongue over his head before he thrust her head backward for a deeper angle. He adjusted her at his whim as she hung in for the ride, desperately ignoring her blatant need that sang like fire through her veins.

God, she was close to coming just as they were right that second.

So hot, so wet. Youre perfect, just like I thought. Mmm, never stop, baby. Im going to be doing this every day at least three times a day,he groaned.

A flash of realization broke through her haze as she recognized that hed planned for the future as if it existed for them. The slip up fueled her even more.

His hand tightened in her hair, and she whimpered from the sharp throb. Bashs hips kept up their merciless rhythm, his musky smell inescapable as her lips and cheeks strained to take him perfectly every single time. Her force of will was the only thing that kept her arms behind her back. When she could manage the angle, she did her best to lick over the tip of him, suck harder, and participate outside of his punishing tempo.

Youre going to make me spill down the back of your throat if youre not careful.As if to illustrate his point he drove home until her nose was pressed to his groin and he stayed put cutting off any chance of air.

Izobel swallowed adjusting to the weight of him so impossibly deep while her eyes burned from the strain of keeping her gaze trained on him. He pumped languidly between her lips, as if he wasnt even aware he was making the small movements. Still, she was grateful, the respite gave her small sips of air.

Im going to slip out from those gorgeously bruised lips, and when I do, I expect you to crawl on your hands and knees until you hit the bed. Bend over it until your ass is in the air, and put your hands behind your back.

Izobel blinked twice, hoping Bash understood that she understood his orders. He slid out of her mouth with a pop. He sighed at the same time that she mentally mourned the loss of him. No sooner had she registered that he was gone, however, when his boot was urging her forward with light pressure to her bruised ass cheek. The sensation made her wince as she crawled across the floor. Her hips swiveled, making her aware of every ache, every sensation that screamed through her flesh. Shed never felt so present in her own skin. It was almost an odd sense of pride that flushed across her as she pulled herself up over the bed and followed his exact instructions.

I did a good job with that ass, if I do say so myself.His flicker of joy warmed her heart, but then he splayed his fingers over her lower back and she sensed the brush of rope from the curtain sash against the crack of her ass. She swallowed, a new flash of adrenaline making her tremble.

Her ass still stung and he only increased the sensation when he bent, his still hard cock pressed against her along with the rest of his body. He pushed her into the bed until she was sure he could sense her heartbeat through her back. It didn't take a genius to figure out what hed do with the ropebut how would he do it? Anticipation coiled thick in her belly, and she fought to remember to breathe.

Put your arms behind your back. Dont move your wrists.

She did as she was instructed without hesitation. Meanwhile, her flesh buzzed and burned beneath his suppressed strength as he tied the rope securely around her upper arms all the way down to her wrists. With each exhale, her desperate need for an orgasm was becoming harder and harder to ignore. His breath tickled against the nape of her neck and she shuddered which made him chuckle. The joyous rumble awakened every sexual molecule in her body until she softly groaned, praying he didnt hear the small, vulnerable noise, knowing he wouldnt like that she was enjoying herself so much when he was trying to prove something to her that wasnt possible.

Eager, are we? Dont worry, baby. Ill make sure Im very well taken care of tonight and maybe if youre really good Ill throw you a bone. How does that sound?

She snorted, and the small bit of insolence was answered by a swift jolt on the ropes until she winced from the pressure to her shoulders.

I wouldnt do that again,Bash warned. I wouldnt mind making that ass redder, you got me?

This time she jerked her head up and down in a swift nod.

Good girl.The masculine satisfaction threaded through his voice made her tremble to the very core of her soul.Spread your legs.

With a tight swallow, she awkwardly spread her thighs. Still his hands meandered down her sore ass to her inner thighs to part them even farther until she had to bite her lip to keep from calling out. He was so close, but so far. Honestly, she didnt know how much longer she could hold out despite her desperation to please him. What would he do if she failed him? The idea thrust her head up just as she sensed the hard warmth of Bashs cock probing her quivering pussy. There wasnt enough time to gasp before he was sheathed inside her wet heat with one rough shove forward. All of the air was knocked out of her lungs while she scrambled against the onslaught of sensationonly made more intense by the pure fact that she couldnt move her arms and break away.

Thats it. Take me deep, baby. Relax into it, let me do the work,he crooned near the shell of her ear, such a marked difference to the quick piston of his hips slapping against her ass.
He took her without mercy. She loved it way too much. The primal satisfaction as their bodies slapped, sweated, and ached together came to a crescendo inside her, and she couldn’t hold back anymore. While her body bounced against the bed, his fingers dug into her hips until he forced her back on his cock so that he pressed so deep, she worried he’d never find his way out. Full seconds passed where she thought she might not be able to breathe again as the waves of intense ecstasy unfurled from the lack of power that coursed through her veins. With every word, every gesture, he took his fierce pleasure, and she languished in the serene, overwhelming gratification of being owned body and soul.

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Today, I'm helping a friend, Tina Donahue out with a new release. She's part of a boxed set--Falling in Love. Check the contest at the end of the post and click to enter!

Please support our Thunderclap campaign:


Recapture the moment . . . Falling in Love 

Eight sensual, heartwarming contemporary romances featuring NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors. 

WALK LIKE A MAN, a heartwarming novel by award-winning author Suz deMello 
A heroine to root for, a wounded hero who’s pure fantasy, two lovable characters who can’t help falling in love . . . 

MAKE ME BREATHLESS, a steamy novella by bestselling author Tina Donahue 
Two rugged cowboys know what they want: the biker chick who just became their neighbor. Falling in love can sometimes happen for three, not just two . . . 

COMMITMENT, a sexy romantic novella by award-winning author Ann Jacobs 
For these long-time lovers, falling in love means learning that commitment doesn’t have to mean losing the magic they’ve shared . . . 

LOVE ME NOW, a sexy novella by USA Today bestselling author Ari Thatcher 
Long ago, he inadvertently overlooked her, but he can’t get enough of her laughter now. He’ll give anything now for a chance to earn her love . . . 

A KILLING TIDE, NY Times bestselling novel by PJ Alderman 
He’s investigating a killing, and her brother is his prime suspect. Not the best timing for romance, but neither he nor she can resist falling in love, no matter what . . . 

WORTH THE WAIT, a sexy novella by bestselling author Lynn LaFleur 
Falling in love can happen at first sight. He does, and he’s determined to persuade the woman who’s given up on the emotion that Happily Ever After is not a myth, but a certainty . . . 

IMPULSIVE PLEASURES, an erotic novella by award-winning author KyAnn Waters 
Neither the difference in their ages nor the inconvenient circumstances that bring them together can make them resist each other. Falling in love happens when it’s least expected . . . 

GEEK MEETS GIRL, a novella set in the world of sci-fi reenactments, by Kathryn Lively 
A Time Lord, a Trekker, and a ghostbuster walk into a science fiction convention. One finds love, one finds trouble, one finds both . . . 

Sensual Romances for Every Mood 

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Today is release day for Red Waves by Shannon O'Connor.


Audrey Brown is an intelligent Registered Nurse living in Surf City, USA, who puts her career ahead of her love life. That is until pro-surfer, Chad Slater, gets wheeled into her emergency room and shakes down her formidable walls. But can her sex life go from zero to 69 with an ex-husband seeking revenge for her sending him to prison?

Chad has just the right mix of sexual charisma and determination to make all of Audrey’s dreams come true. This upbeat story includes humorous undertones with nail-biting suspense and enough sexual heat to make you stay up all night reading. Readers' romantic partners will find benefits, too!

“Baby, this is our night and you’re mine to heal. I’ll pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and put it back together. A piece of you I’ll keep for myself and replace it with a piece of me. I love you.” I kiss her quivering lips.


“Mmmm, your hands are like magic,” she mumbles.

“Don’t think. Just relax and feel.”

She moans.

I continue to massage, sliding the sheet down as I go. She took everything off. Shit. That’s why I feel every curve of her perfect body. There’s just this thin sheet between her and me. I continue, but every inch of her visible silky skin sends a rush of blood, and my penis twitches as if it has a mind of its own. Maybe this was a bad idea.

I keep my hands set on my original task. But it’s not long before they start to roam on their own, sliding down her back, as I brush them against the ripples of her ribs. She squirms slightly while my hands smooth along the sides of her milky white breasts. Shit. My dick is getting harder. I feel her breathing pick up and mine too. To know she’s enjoying my touch leaves me hard as a rock. I shift away from her back so she doesn’t feel my manhood dig into her and stand on the side of the bed, keeping one of my hands in contact with her back. With the other, I reach for a hot towel that hides in the bucket. Inside the towel are large smooth stones.

“Sweetness,” I say, keeping my voice low. “This is going to be pretty warm, but it won’t burn you.”

She nods like she understands. I set the large stone in between her shoulder blades. I place another one a few inches down, and space out three more until the last one is set between the dimples of her low back. Love those sexy dimples.

I apply more oil to my hands, and move to the bottom of the bed. I lift her right leg, gently bending it at the knee. Her foot rests against my chest. I rub around each suckable toe and knead into the arch. Following down her ankle and calf, she moans louder into her pillow the harder I press. She likes it hard. I repeat the same movements to her other leg.

I can’t reach her thighs easily. My hands pull apart her legs, so I can kneel in between on the mattress. Thank God she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head; she doesn’t need to see the tent that used to be my shorts. I work on the neglected backs of her thighs, after oiling up my hands again. The sheet hitches up as I rub. The sight tortures me as my gaze is drawn to what lays under the lifted sheet. No panties. Her glorious naked ass calls out to me. It’s tight and firm. But there’s something else. Small marks, similar to faint pink stretch marks. Odd, but it doesn’t take away from her perfect curves.


Her voice snaps me back. “Yes.” I feel like she caught my hand in a cookie jar.

I can barely make out her words. “Do you like me?”

“I more than like you,” I stutter. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” Oh shit. Did that just come out of my mouth? Was my dick answering or my heart?

She speaks into her pillow, but it was too quiet. Not clear to me. I back off the bed and walk to the side again.

“What were you thinking about when you were about to zip down today?” I ask.

She turns her head to look at me, brushing some stray strands of hair from her face. “Well, the first couple of lines, I thought I was going to die,” she says, smiling up through those gorgeous, long lashes. “On the last two, I was thinking about us naked.”

“So, we were just naked?”

“No, we were doing stuff.” She brings her hands out and rests her chin on them on top the pillow.

“Exactly what kind of stuff?” I lean down. Now I’m intrigued.

“Well, now that I see this room…my dream or vision, whatever you want to call it, it’s changed.”

“Tell me.” If we talk about it she might open up.

“In my head, you’re fucking me hard. Ramming me against that wall.” She points to the headboard. “It dips like a smile, so my ass can rest there while you drive your huge cock,” she continues as she points to the bulge in my shorts, “into my tight, wet pussy.”

Holy fuck! I stagger back. Shit. There are two sides to this angel. She opened up all right. I’m dumbstruck. I feel on fire. On the edge of a cliff about to jump off into cool water to tame my hot, throbbing skin. “No…we can’t…you’re not ready. Plus, the first time I need to be gentle with you,” I find myself saying. Why am I arguing?

“Don’t you want me?” A flash of disappointment crosses her face.

“God, yes.” I adjust myself. My dick is trying to work its way free of my shorts.

She closes her eyes. “I should’ve never told you anything about my past,” she says and pushes her body up from the bed.

I shut my eyes, tight. If I look at her naked form my control will evaporate. I hear the cracks and light tumbles of the stones hit mattress.

My animal side is pacing in its cage.

“It’s my fault, Chad.”

She is inches from my chest. I can feel the warmth of her breath.

“Open your eyes,” she whispers, taking my shirt in both hands as she begins pushing it up my chest.

Both of my heads are screaming at me. I feel her nipples press against my shirt. My head says no. I can’t do this. I can’t open the cage. This angel will be devoured. I can’t be an ass like her ex-husband.

“Open your fucking eyes and look at me,” she demands.

I open them. She looks mad as hell. Her bare chest is heaving. Sweet smells of coconut and cherry invade my senses.

“It’s my fault,” she says. “I want you so bad. Make my dreams come true.” Tears are forming in the corners of her beautiful eyes. “Please. I want you to fuck me hard. I know it will only be once, but I’ll remember it for a lifetime.”
 Print Available at CREATESPACE:

Shannon has been in health care since she was a teenager. She has always had the desire to help people. Since she began reading, a few years ago, the ever growing popular genre of erotic romance, it has helped enhance that portion of her marriage. In turn, she wanted to write novels that may help others as well.

She lives in Huntington Beach, California with her husband, four sons, and an array of family pets. Her career as a nurse has attributed to the person she is today. She hopes to be an inspiration to others to never give up. There’s always time to accomplish whatever your heart desires.

You can “like” and contact her on Facebook at Author Shannon O’Connor.

Her website and Twitter @thewavestrilogy

Books can also be purchased from her publisher’s website
That was delicious! Good Luck Shannon!
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