Saturday, August 16, 2014


On this coming Wednesday, 20 August, I'll be one f 20 authors in the First Annual BDSM Writers Conferencce Anthology. Today, I'll give you 7 paragraphs from my entry, You're Mine. This short story is a snippet of bigger things to come from my new series in the works. Think Angels, Demons, and possibly a Fairy or two pop into the story line. The 7 aren't in a carriage ride, etc. but is the first encounter between the two main characters, in a dungeon, stealing that first kiss to be the first of many forbidden ones.

“Target? You are a serial killer,” I shouted, struggling with every ounce of strength I had left.

“Shhh,” he whispered, holding firm on his grip of my face. “I promise you, I’m not.”

I wasn’t sure to believe him or not and opened my mouth to give him a few choice words. Before I got one syllable out, he moved quickly, crushing his lips to mine, making all those four-letter words catch in my throat. The power of the kiss caused our teeth to collide, and the sting produced from slicing my lower lip made me grimace in pain.

Lucien freed our embrace long enough to mumble an apology, but then gently brushed another kiss against mine. His lips were so cool, but they were soft too. He applied more pressure and then slid his tongue along my lower lip. I jerked when he hit the nick from our clash of teeth. His hand lowered to the front of my neck, grasping firmly and holding me still. His other hand slid around the back of my neck. He drew me closer as his grip pulled the short hairs at the base of my skull. “I’ll be gentle with you. For now.”

I laughed. In hindsight, I should’ve controlled my nervousness and kept my mouth shut. But, would I have listened? Probably not. “Do you think you’ll get away with this?”

“Oh, little one.” My captor clicked his tongue in admonishment. “Do you think I care if I do or not?”

Before I knew what to say, his tongue eagerly tangled in my mouth. The hand around my neck slid further down and over the side of my torso, slipping around to the back and pressed against the small curve above my ass. Lucien’s assault on my mouth continued, kissing me to the point I thought I became one with him. I could taste the lingering coppery traces of blood from the nick on my lip. I should have known then something was up with him because he didn’t seem bothered in the slightest about sharing blood. Despite the fact I’d been out of practice for a good six months, the evidence pressing into my lower abdomen proved he was very excited, enjoying our interlude. Lucien eased his mouth away from mine and trailed more kisses across my cheek and began nuzzling my neck. His hands tightened at the back of my head and buttocks. My skin prickled with goose bumps skittering up and down my spine.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014


An opportunity arose a few weeks ago and I jumped on it! I am attending the BDSM Writers Conference for workshops and book signing. The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology has been created and is being published by Riverdale Avenue Books. There are twenty authors participating in this amazing anthology providing you a little taste of the erotic, the naughty, and the decadent. With well-known authors such as Laura Antoniou, Roz Lee AND ME, just to name a few. See more at:

My story, You're Mine, is an introduction to a series I'm writing now. Think angels, demons and maybe just maybe--fairies! 
The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology books can be Pre-Orders for 30% off and picked up at registration. Or if you are not attending the conference, they will be shipped to your home. But you’d better hurry, this deal ends August 18. 

PS: For those attending the BDSM Book Fair on Sunday, you can Pre-Order your book and pick it up at our BDSM Book Fair then have all the authors sign it for a chance to win a FREE SURPRISE from Dungeon Delights worth over $70

(Not yet available in stores or online anywhere else until after the conference!)