Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello Everyone!
Today is release day for Apartment 18B, Book 1 of the Park Avenue Trilogy, from I Heart Book Publishing.


Unlock unimaginable pleasure…
Christopher Nash, a man of the world is disgustingly wealthy and to some a notorious womanizer. His methods in sex and women are the same as in his business dealings—execute a plan and always get what he wants. After rescuing a sassy and gorgeous woman, something behind her eyes makes him want to take care of her.

…and surrender to him.
Brooklyn Jameson literally stumbles at the feet of a mysterious man. Handing her an unusual business card offers the opportunity to meet again. At the appointed time and place, he makes an offer she can’t refuse. Life is about to change when she accepts the proposition—four weekends unlocking her wildest fantasies of pleasure.

In the end, can Brooklyn trust Christopher and surrender to every dark desire inside Apartment 18B or run away when he breaks her heart?




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Until next time my safe and play nice... 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

COMING SOON~Apartment 18B

Apartment 18B is finally done, well, almost. I have to do some last minute formatting to make it as polished and perfect as possible. Expect a release date before Christmas which is not too far away! Until then, check out this little teaser video. Come back and see more leading up to the actual release.