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In the past two days, I've received notification of two reviews for Master Squire!!! My publisher has been busy sending out requests and I'm so pleased the reviews are favorable. Writing the story between Jagger Squire and Zayne Wolfe is my first M/M romance and a real bear to get down on "paper". So thanks to all who've read and reviewed.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

Here's my entry #83 from Master Squire, Book 6 of the Masters of Tabu Series:

A hard, assessing glare was enough to make Zayne’s groin twitch with desire. Unsure why the sudden thought of Jagger taking him right then came to mind, he struggled to say something coherent. The maneuver didn’t work. The possibility that someone could walk in on their liaison got him hot. He shifted his weight to the opposite hip. “Oh, I thought…”

That sounded like a blabbering idiot unable to speak. The thought of Jagger’s body covering his, holding him down, riding him, was too much to bear, even though he’d never bottomed. Zayne couldn’t think of anything but devouring the man. This new desire confounded him.

“She’s the daughter of a client and fell at a party. Following you in here was a mistake.”

Jagger grabbed Zayne at the back of his nape and yanked to slam their bodies together. The sudden movement startled Zayne. The man crashing his mouth over his in an avaricious kiss turned his insides into instant arousal. Jagger’s tongue licked over Zayne’s lips, the caress powerful, hungry, and begging for entry. At the same moment, Jagger’s other hand slipped down his abdomen to the hard-on building in his khakis, and then squeezed.

Zayne groaned against Jagger’s mouth, unable to deny the pleasure rushing through him. The thump of his pulse in his chest picked up as the kiss deepened with his tongue pushing inside. He tasted of mint, and Zayne’s reciprocation was embarrassing and unexpected. His heart thundered in his chest, and his mind went blank. Why did he react to this man? His cock ached. Then, as if of their own accord, his hands stretched up and rested on Zayne’s cheeks.

Finally, he came to his senses and knew he had to stop. Zach was his priority, not getting involved with a man he didn’t know.

Jagger let out his own groan, followed with breaking the kiss. Zayne opened his eyes and watched Jagger take a step back with a smirk on his face. His eyes revealed lust, the same condition the kiss left Zayne in.

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