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The Masters of Tabu are seven novel length stories and center around six college friends from Texas plus a new friend brought into the circle. Ten years after graduating from Texas A&M with graduate degrees, each is a master in their own right, and not just academically. Every man is successful in his own business or endeavor and all are co-owners in Club Tabu, a BDSM private club on the outskirts of Dallas.

Their stories take the reader on a journey of discovery, redemption, healing and finding love when they least expect it. The Big D has more than hot days, but sizzling nights. Dallas will never be the same.


Marcus Knight – Book 1 – 
Marcus Knight, entrepreneur and businessman of software development international company (Knight Enterprises headquartered in Dallas, TX), age 33, travels to New York City for a business meeting. He’s a Dom and part owner with college friends, Prince, King, Squire, Dragon and Marshal in the Club Tabu, located in Dallas. From a small town of Dumas, Texas, he ran away from the life his family wanted for him. A life spent in the refinery, settling down with a hometown girl and raising the 2.3 kids every normal man in his family had done for generations didn’t fit his plans for life. Marcus wanted more out of life and wasn’t getting tied down with any woman and children.
Khari Bradford, small town girl in search of true self and a career on Broadway singing and dancing to find stardom. Finishes community college and heads to the Big Apple. While living her dream, she takes a position as an assistant to a high-end real estate agent. Auditions aren’t easy and she almost gives up. On a chance meeting at a broker open house, she meets Marcus, a captivating and charming man. Within a short time she becomes his love slave, begging for more, but wondering how she ended up with him instead of on Broadway.
She doesn’t want to give up her dreams, but then a misunderstanding sends her reeling and leaving without explanation. He searches for her, but shes off realizing her dream until she finds out what she thought about him may not be true. She'll take the punishment if he takes her back.
Will her new aspiration have her lose both dreams, Broadway and her Knight when she discovers he has no intentions of staying in New York or with her? Will Marcus run back to Dallas to give Khari her lifelong dream and lose the one woman who makes his heart sing?


Mitchell "Mitch" Prince – Book 2 – 
Mitchell Prince, college friend of Knight, King, Squire, Dragon, and Marshal. They called themselves the “Bad Boys of the Big D”. Chief Counsel of Knight Enterprises and a private practice in Dallas, Texas, keeps him busy. He’s co-owner in Club Tabu and tends to watch and monitor more of others than his own private affairs. Has yet to find the right partner to fulfill his darkest desires to control and challenge him physically and mentally.
Guilianna Hathaway, nicknamed Anna by her closest friends, is no princess and can play with the big boys all day long in court. She’s a hard-edged attorney representing the opposing party in a suit against Club Tabu for the alleged rape and assault of one of the guests by another patron of the BDSM club. She’s curious about the goings on in an establishment catering to the abuse of women, or what she assumes happens there. Returning to the “crime scene” for her own research has her stunned and shocked to find opposing counsel participating. Once she meets with Mitchell Prince at Club Tabu, not only is she attracted to the tall, dark and handsome attorney and co-owner of the club, she’s also drawn into the BDSM world. Discovering she has a submissive nature is a revelation she’s willing to explore. With the right master, that is.
Will Mitch and Anna plead the fifth and follow the laws of nature rather than the laws they uphold in court?

Jared King – Book 3 – COMING JANUARY 2016
Jared King, college friend of Knight, Prince, Dragon, Squire and Marshal. An arrogant SOB according to his best buddies, he thinks his name is what he really is out of their group. Grandfather’s oil money from the trust fund he received graduating from college helped finance Club Tabu. He doesn’t have a full-time job other than occasionally working at the family business run now by his father and older brother. He has an office and even a secretary, but he rarely if ever goes into the office. He doesn’t like the confrontation and the rules his family place on him. He’d rather be the player, having a new woman in bed every night, the King of Hearts. He’ll be damned if he settles down like his friends and settle for an ordinary woman. He’s known Bailey since they were children, but the woman drives him crazy, but after their disastrous date in college, he can’t bring himself to open up to her. Never will give her another chance, but deep down he’d defend her honor and lay down his way of life for her. But would she appreciate it?
Bailey Melchor, a fashionista in Dallas, socialite, and owns a high-end boutique. She’s from family oil money, and has no worries about money because daddy will always take care of his little girl. Except, she wants to make her own way in the world. She knew Jared since college, dating once and turned into a disaster. With their respective families running in same social circles, they’re bound to see each other occasional, too soon if Bailey had anything to say about it. She thinks he’s a womanizer, a player and she has no use for someone like him.
They attend a mutual college friend’s wedding, with separate dates. By the time the bouquet and garter toss, and one too many glasses of champagne, the sparks fly between them. The Queen is the most powerful piece on the chess board, but will Bailey forget their past liaison and protect her King from himself?

Shane Marshal – Book 4 – 
Shane Marshal, Texas cowboy and cattle ranch owner, is struggling to keep his family’s home above financial flood waters after losing his parents in a plane crash five years ago. He is co-owner in Club Tabu in Dallas with his college friends. The ranch is a good hour’s drive and some from town, so he tends to be the loner of the group and doesn’t frequent the club as much as the other friends. So much so, he’s considering selling his percentage of the club to raise funds to keep the ranch from foreclosure. His friends talk him into turning the ranch into a dude ranch to bring in more income.
With the help from each of the buddies, he opens for business. One of his first clients is a group from New York, led by a model that is so uppity, the kind that her ass doesn’t stink-type. Instantly, he can’t stand to be around her. Shane goes out of his way to put her down, get dirty cleaning horse stalls, and riding horses until her precious derriere is saddle sore. He begins to have second thoughts about the new venture after two days in her presence.
Valantina Halston, a high fashion model who changed her name from Sharon Berger. She’s always been self-conscious of her looks. As a child overweight all through her teens, then she loses fifty pounds in her senior year of high school and is spotted in a mall by a talent agent. After a stint in Europe, she returns to New York, with a makeover of looks and name to lead the fast life of a super model. Turning twenty-six, she’s burned out and needs rest and decides to spend her birthday somewhere remote. She finds an ad on-line about a dude ranch and figures why not? A little horseback riding in the open, clean air, with no phones, no paparazzi, and no cheating boyfriend to deal with sounds appealing. What she didn’t expect to find was a rough around the edges real-life cowboy who would wrangle her heart.
When the week is over, she returns to her fast-paced life, but will her heart always belong to the cowboy who set her body on fire from the Texas heat? Will Shane tame the wild filly and keep her corralled on the ranch?

Brock Dragon – Book 5 – 
Brock Dragon, the proverbial pretty boy and manager of Club Tabu. He’s from a middle-class family and despite his education; he never went to medical school after graduating from Texas A&M. He opened the club with his friends and managed to help his family financially. Then, at a barbeque for the cousin of Bailey Melchor, Jared King’s wife, catches his interest. She’s been away at college on the East Coast. The stunning young woman who is the guest of honor is the opposite of any woman he’s ever met, short hair (he likes his women with long hair to grab onto), a real brainy geek (she has a doctorate degree in Aero-Astro engineering and has plans to work at NASA in Houston), and she’s from one of Dallas’ elite families.
Karlie Larson has been in college for what seemed like twenty years. All she wanted to do after finishing grad school at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is relax, visit with her parents, and get ready to start her new job at NASA as a rocket scientist. Exhausted, going to a welcome home barbeque given by her cousin Bailey was the last thing on the agenda. Bailey was the party type and Karlie wasn’t. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she attended a function just for fun. Books and studying had been her priority.
When Brock and Karlie meet at the BBQ, the flames ignite. Will the fire between them fizzle or will the embers smolder drawing them into a more intense desire to take their relationship beyond a one nightstand?

Jagger Squire – Book 6 – 
Jagger Squire, runs security at Club Tabu. After college, he did a couple tours with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan before injuries forced him out on a disability. Returning home to Dallas, Texas, on a medical discharge, he used most of his savings to buy into his share of the club and a guarantee of a job. One night, an injured man walks through the doors, seeking help. After cleaning the young man up, giving him something to eat, Jagger finds him completely captivated by the wild-eyed lad. He knows the man is keeping a secret as to what happened to him, but doesn’t push, offering to help him with a place to stay. Soon they develop more than a friendship, when Zane begins to act out scenes at the club.
Zane Wolfe got mixed up with the wrong people, running drugs to and from Mexico to save his brother. But, his twin brother, Zack, always got into trouble. Tired of coming to his brother’s rescue, Zane swore this would be the last time. Problem was, he didn’t expect the federal agents had shadowed him on the last drop. He narrowly escaped capture and is wounded. He ends up in Dallas’ industrial area, bleeding and clueless as to where he’s at. All he knows is that not only are the Feds after him, but the Mexican drug cartel, El Diablo is pissed for the screw up. Then, the voice of the most gorgeous man called out from the shadows and brought him into a world he’d never seen, but quickly was drawn to. The closer he gets to this angel of rescue, the more he’s concerned his troubles will come out and he’ll lose Jagger.
When Zack comes clean, Jagger works a deal for them to work together with the Feds to rescue Zack, but will Jagger lose the one man who can heal his battle worn body and heart when the mission is over?

Simon Tempest – Book 7 – 
Simon Tempest, co-owner of Tempest Productions New York, the new company Marcus Knight invested in moves the operation to Dallas. He’s a Dom learning the ropes at Club Tabu after an introduction by Knight. He’s an East Coast boy trying to adapt to the Texas way of life. He explores the city and on the outskirts of town stops for gas and checks out an adjacent bar. A rowdy crowd makes him rethink his choice until he hears a young woman at the dive bar. She has potential to make it big and break his heart if he can’t find a way to make her his, even if he has to tie her up and steal her away.
Leisa Carrington is a hard-working waitress by day and a honky-tonk singer with a shit-kicking band at night. She wants more, but she’ll never save enough to make it to Nashville to follow her dream at this rate. She gets lost taking a detour on the way home from the dive bar late at night. A powerful thunderstorm and a dead battery make for an already impossible night of mishaps. Earlier in the day an obnoxious customer gets her fired, the band has no more gigs lined up, and she’s in a scary place at three o’clock in the morning in the pouring rain. She abandons the car and she stumbles into Club Tabu looking for help and bumps into Simon Tempest. What else can go wrong in her life? He was the man the night before who was hitting on her with the lousy pick-up line of being a music producer. Yeah, right, like she’d really believe that one!
Their relationship starts out stormy and gets twisted into knots. Will they weather the tempest brewing between them to untie the ropes that bind their hearts?


  1. Love the sound of all of them, can't wait :)

    1. Happy you enjoyed. I can't wait, but have 8 months to build up anticipation!

  2. Looking forward to more interesting reads! Finished Master Knight and now moving to Master Prince. Thank you Gray!

  3. I would love to read Shane Marshal in PDF as per your newsletter. I have read some of your short stories and like them. My favorite genre is BDSM and spanking romance. Happy birthday.

  4. Hi,
    I just love this series! I have read the first 3 of the series, when will the others be re-released?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Denise,
      I'm working on re-edits on Master Marshal now and should be out in April. Master Dragon will release most likely in June and Squire to follow sometime in the summer.


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