Saturday, August 9, 2014


An opportunity arose a few weeks ago and I jumped on it! I am attending the BDSM Writers Conference for workshops and book signing. The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology has been created and is being published by Riverdale Avenue Books. There are twenty authors participating in this amazing anthology providing you a little taste of the erotic, the naughty, and the decadent. With well-known authors such as Laura Antoniou, Roz Lee AND ME, just to name a few. See more at:

My story, You're Mine, is an introduction to a series I'm writing now. Think angels, demons and maybe just maybe--fairies! 
The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology books can be Pre-Orders for 30% off and picked up at registration. Or if you are not attending the conference, they will be shipped to your home. But you’d better hurry, this deal ends August 18. 

PS: For those attending the BDSM Book Fair on Sunday, you can Pre-Order your book and pick it up at our BDSM Book Fair then have all the authors sign it for a chance to win a FREE SURPRISE from Dungeon Delights worth over $70

(Not yet available in stores or online anywhere else until after the conference!)

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