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Master Dragon has been out for a month and has recently received two reviews.

Nanee's Review of Master Dragon (Master of Tabu 5) by Gray Dixon - Secret Cravings Publishing

For thirty-five years, Brock Dragon has been single, but for good reason. Working at Club Tabu, Knight Enterprises, attending college and taking care of his family, he just didn’t have time to meet the right woman and fall in love. That is, until the little spitfire with short hair and the curves of a real woman steals his breath away.
When Karlie Larson returns home to Dallas, Texas, as a Doctor of Aero-Astro Physics, she never planned to explore her sexuality at Club Tabu with the urging of her cousin. She quickly realizes the stranger with the dragon tattoo can give her what she has only fantasized about.
Can one look, one kiss, one whisper from the dangerous Bad Boy of the Big D turn into Mr. Right and give Karlie a first time she’ll never forget, shaking the very foundation of her well-ordered world?
Nanee's Review:
Always intriguing and sexy to read a BDSM book. This is the first in this series I read, now I need to go back and read them all, lol. Super sexy, OMG sexy. Great descriptions and story telling by this author, I felt part of the story.
Love Dragon, he's a original bad boy - bad ass guy, with his sexy as sin body and his tattoo, loved his back and forth with Karlie. Karlie is urged by her cousin to explore her sexuality and boy is it hot as hell. These two characters hit it off. The book was great, sexy, hot as hell and so much more. I just felt the end lacked a bit, it didn't flow with the whole story, I hoped for more. Don't get me wrong I loved how it turned out but it wasn't how I thought it would progress. 4 stars 

Format:Kindle Edition
I'm a sucker for a good BDSM story in my little vanilla world and I love the Masters of Tabu. Just the name of the club Tabu can send shivers down my spine. Yes, I have read and enjoyed them all.

I loved this story. Master Dragon, and whoa! that is his last name, sure lives up to it from being the original bad boy in the group to his tattoo he proudly wears. In walks curvy Karlie and steals his heart. From her enthusiasm at trying the darker waters of BDSM to her joy at finally losing her 'V' card at her age, she is a keeper. Too bad Dragon is confused about what he wants.

The interaction between Dragon and Karlie is non stop and delightful. We get a continuing glimpse of the other characters evolving lives, advancing their stories to my delight. The story line is enjoyable, giving a complete glimpse of why Dragon is how he is and why Karlie has no confidence in herself as a woman. A rocket scientist, yes, but not a woman.

If you have read and enjoyed the previous books in the Masters of Tabu, be sure not to miss this! If you haven't read them, jump right on in, they are worth the time to read. Hot, hunky, dominant men and the subs they love will keep you entertained for hours!

*spoiler alert*

I loved this this story all the way through until the epilogue. To me it seemed like it missed the mark. Yes the author segued it, but not enough to make it believable to me. Maybe because it seemed out of character for Master Dragon. Maybe because of the previous musings of Karlie and her thoughts of returning home as she fell in love. Not sure. I could just be me, but that is my impression. I'm sure not everyone will feel the same. I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next in the series so it didn't change my mind about the Masters at all, LOL.

Well, those were great!


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