Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I've been away from participating a while (been busy writing). Here's my entry for June 28, 2014--7 paragraphs. From my newest release, Master Dragon (Book 5 in the Masters of Tabu Series):

Just then, a man in black leathers walked in front of her and to the couch where she’d sought refuge. He was followed by a barefoot woman dressed in nothing but a thong, her head down and wrists cuffed. Karlie’s mouth gaped opened. The man led the woman by a leash attached to a leather collar around the woman’s neck. Each scene became more and more riveting.

Slowly, she turned and faced the Dragon Man. She nearly forgot how to breathe when she laid eyes on his tanned physique. The strong, muscular abdomen matched his intensely masculine face. Rippling muscles peeked through the leather vest worn over his bare chest. The same fabric fit like a second skin over his lower half, showing off every bulge. Her heart did double time. The brilliant colors of his tattoo wound its way up the taut muscles of his arm, disappearing around to his back under the vest. Curiosity as to what kind of creature it was drove her crazy. She’d never thought body art was ever something she’d like, but dayum! She wanted to see where the head of the animal, or whatever it was, went.

The provocative display of skin sent her libido into overdrive. Lust rose in fast fury, running through her entire body within seconds. The fresh, woodsy scent he wore again enveloped her like a warm, cozy cashmere blanket.

As he stared down at her, his lips twitched into a predatory smile. Her breasts swelled and her pussy became slick from the visual stimulation.

Dayum! How could she be so turned on from a look? Never before today and not once did Reggie do it like the Dragon Man did.

He didn’t speak, just watched her which only made her feel naked under his regard. The heat building inside her became a fiery blaze. Her chest tightened, sucking every molecule of air from her lungs. She had to put a stop to this or find herself in a puddle of goo on the floor.

Then, his hand pressed low against her back, like a brand. Good Lord, what had she gotten herself into?

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  1. Wow...what a visual snippet...and sexy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No, thank you for reminding me about this blog hop! I need to get back to sharing my writing.

  2. Geesh! What a first impression!


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