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Officially released from Secret Cravings Publishing, but only a few more days and you can get your copy of Master Dragon, Book 5 of the Masters of Tabu from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, Smashwords, and ARe. Until then, you can read a little excerpt here:

Setting scene (no pun intended), Karlie has agreed to a scene to play with the Dragon Man (Brock Dragon). Student and Professor. Enjoy!

“You think you’re insane for wanting this?”
“No, I don’t think I am because it feels right. Do you think I am?”
He raised his eyebrows. She answers questions with questions? She’s a very challenging woman. He could see it in her eyes, and those wheels were constantly turning in her head. “Miss Larson, I told you before, you aren’t crazy. Now, let’s stop talking and get started on your lesson. There’s nothing for you to fear.”
She smiled. “Yes, Sir.”
“Oh, Doc.” He cupped her warm cheek in his hand. “You’re so adorable.” He didn’t want to stop touching her. In fact, he wanted to kiss those delectable lips, to taste her, and feel her, but that wasn’t part of the plan. He pulled his hand away and only kissed her cheek. He stood and took a step back. “Stand please.”
As she followed his direction, he searched through his toy bag. He glanced over his shoulder to check her. Her eyes were closed, but a tiny smile was on her face which made him express one as well. She was so brave which endeared her more. It was way too soon for him to have such feelings for a woman he met only a few hours before. He completely understood her fears because he had them too. Imagine, he thought he might be crazy to have this strong an attraction to a woman. Once he found what he needed next, he approached her.
“Before we proceed, Miss Larson, I need you to remove your bra for me.”
Her eyes popped open. “What?”
“Miss Larson?”
Her eyes tracked up to his and the look in them indicated she recognized the little wicked sadist standing before her. Yeah, he had an evil streak sometimes when he played. He hadn’t planned on stripping her naked, not for her first time, but he couldn’t help himself when he saw the nipple clamps in his bag. Yeah, he was evil, but he had a hunch she’d take them without too much resistance. For research, of course. He could hear her voice in his head saying those words.
He watched with pleasure as she removed the lacy bra, keeping her gaze frozen with his. She dropped the bra to the floor. She trembled, but not as much as a few minutes before. It took all his strength not to let out a resounding gasp in recognition of the beautiful sight before him. God, she was more delightful than he expected. Her breasts were pert, full, and her nipples were already hardening into tight peaks.
Maintaining eye contact, he stepped forward. With one hand, he ran his knuckles along her cheek, leaned in, and brushed his mouth against her lips. While keeping her distracted, he reached with his free hand to her breast. He pinched and kneaded the nipple between his thumb and finger. After a minute he managed to affix the tweezer clamp onto her taut nipple.
She moaned into his mouth.
Brock growled into hers before he backed off.
“Ow.” Her remark came after she glanced down and saw his handiwork dangling so pretty from her pinched nipple.
She stared up at him and gasped. Her focus stayed on his hand as he twirled the second clamp. She bit her bottom lip as he clutched her other breast, repeating the process. She unsuccessfully tried to shy away from his touch, but he was too quick and adept at attaching the little torture devices.
“Breathe through the pain, Doc. You told me you have a high tolerance. You can do this. It only lasts a little while before giving way to a more manageable level.”
Karlie lifted her chin. The expression on her face was disbelief at what he said. He planned to fix her doubt and stepped back toward his bag. He found what he wanted and brought the duffel back to where she stood, placing it on the floor. He withdrew a few clothespins at a time.
Her eyes widened. “What are those for?”
“You’ll see.”
Although her breathing calmed, a quizzical look painted her face. The new devices obviously helped the distraction from the clamps. The first wooden clothespin he placed just to the side of her left nipple toward her side. She moaned as he clamped three more in a horizontal line. He repeated the process on the other breast.
By the time he finished, her even breathing had transitioned to panting. She was delightful. Much to his surprise, he was getting into the scene more than he expected. Pleasure from her pain snuck up behind him and grabbed him hard by the balls. He wanted to take her deeper into play.
She gasped and went to reach for her breasts. His reaction was quicker. “Naughty, naughty, Miss Larson. They stay where I put them.” He held her wrists in his strong grip.
“You’re an evil man,” she hissed the words out.
“Yes, I am.” He emphasized his statement with a wicked grin. “I can’t have you ruining my work, Miss Larson. If you wish to end our lesson, you can use your safeword.”
She bit her bottom lip for the umpteenth time, and he guessed was part of her thought process. Tears formed in her eyes, a clear indication the pain was getting to her. Could he push her to let go, let the pleasure wash over her, and let the pain fade.
He looked into her face, their gaze transfixed on each other. A realization hit him. He needed this in a way he’d suppressed for too long. The little spitfire was sparking something tangible inside him. A switch flipped inside making him want more. He was aroused, but in a more visceral way. He loved the power exchange with subs and the pleasure they gave him, but he rarely had sex with anyone the first time they played. An overwhelming desire to take Karlie right now was almost too much to control. His body heated in anticipation of sinking his cock deep inside her cunt, making her come so hard, she’d scream his name. At the thought another twitch of his growing erection pressed against his leathers.
“Are you ok, Sir?” Karlie’s sweet voice ripped him from his lusty thoughts.
He blinked and caught her smiling at him, a seductive smile that made him shiver inside.
“Yes, I am thank you. I’m waiting for your answer.”
Her body visually relaxed, and he knew the second she fell into the pain, accepted it and gave into the pleasure it brought. He connected with her on a level he hadn’t experienced in a very long time. His cock grew harder, if that was possible.
“I’m sorry, Sir.”
“I’ll just have to take any further temptation away.” He pulled her arms behind her back, reached for the snap hook on his belt and fastened it onto the rings on each cuff. Keeping her arms restrained would prevent her from undoing anything before he finished.
He moved around to face her. “You look beautiful, Miss Larson. You please me very much.”
Her eyes shifted to meet his. There was anger and arousal in them. He smiled inwardly at her confusion of emotions. Just the way he liked his subs. They never knew whether to curse him or kiss him for what he gave them. Perfection.
Her body squirmed, and she tried without success to get out of the cuffs. “Please take off these clothespins or undo my hands.”
“No. You can fight the restraints all you want, but your attempts won’t do any good. I’ll release you when I say it’s time.” He stroked her cheek with his knuckles. “I want you to hurt for me, Miss Larson. I’m enjoying your pain and pleasure.”
Karlie nodded. He let the non-verbal response slide, for now. Her inexperience coupled with her obvious focus on staying in the moment pleased him enough for her transgression. He’d just take it up another notch and bring in a little orgasm denial torture and see how she handled it.
“You’re being such a good student for your professor, aren’t you? You’re learning your lessons well for me, my sweet Miss Larson.” He brushed his lips lightly over hers. “Let’s see how you take the next part.”

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