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This is my entry for my Work in Progress for Book 3 of the Masters of Tabu series--Master King. Release will be in August sometime. This excerpt is from Bailey Melchor's point of view. She's run into him again after ten plus years. They were childhood friends, but she carried a torch for him since she was a teenager, but he rebuffed her. Until . . .

Sucking in a deep breath, she mustered enough composure and blindly walked into the other room telling herself she did this only to wait and offer congratulations to the bride and groom. What’s the harm in saying hey? We were friends once.
The driving dance music faded and the lights around her dimmed into the background. In the far corner of the bar area, she saw him sitting, alone at a table where he looked rather comfortable with his surroundings. Unlike her complete shock of the club, unable to speak or move because time and motion seemed to slow.
Dammit, she shouldn’t have come into the room. The awkward feelings would’ve been easier to handle if she’d acted nonchalant and left while she had the chance. Making her apologies to Khari later seemed like a better choice. Could she be sociable, say hello and then depart without making a scene? This was unbearable. She caught herself staring at the floor and quickly glanced up. The smoldering need in his gaze as he captured hers, like a surge of electricity to her own desire, pinned her in a hypnotic stance.
“Damn you, Jared King,” she whispered. “God, I hate you.” She sucked in a deep breath and took the first step of another twenty to reach him.
Over the pounding of her heart, she heard a moan behind her. The fight raging inside her mind was overtaken by her body’s desire to be with Jared again. The young man she’d loved since she was a little girl, and even as a grown woman, continued to have an effect on her. She despised him for having that kind of control over her body and emotions.
She pulled her handbag close, wrapping her arms around her middle, and took the next step. Please, please, please, don’t let him still be an asshole after all these years.

Hope you enjoyed, and to check out the first two books in the series, find them here:

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