Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Here's an excerpt from Book 1 of the Vampire Syndicate Novel Series. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords in Print and EBook formats.


Alexandra Carlton, Alex to her friends, is the only girl in a family of vampire hunters. Along with the other members of her profession, she lives and hunts by the Code.

A rogue vamp, carrying a contagious virus, deadly to vampires and humans, is her target. On her first solo bounty hunt, she tracks the menace from Florida to Virginia.

Alex meets Stefan Marin, a brooding 700 year old vampire. He helps her not only on her quest but tames her wildest passions and discovers the true beauty within her, the beauty he loves.

Together they break all the rules and uncover more than a virus—hot sex, an uptight FBI Special Agent, spanking, hot sex, an over protective brother, more hot sex, bondage and submission, murder, and bad vampires.

But will their love survive the wild side they were born to live on?


When she peered back at him on her way to the ladies’ room earlier, his heart had pounded hard against his ribs, and quite possibly his soul took flight as well. Both stood no chance when the edge of her mouth turned up and she smiled at him from across the room. A split second in time, a life-time altered forever.

Walking back to the club from the parking lot with abbreviated short strides, he wanted to take in the evening sounds and smells, to feel what he had hungered for and missed for a long time. Alexandra, in the short time knowing her, gave hope back to him, a reason to continue his existence for one more night.

The air hung heavy with the nocturnal humidity of a mid-summer heat wave. No sea breeze helped to break the stillness. A few clouds partially covered the moon. The sound of cars whirring along Atlantic Avenue could be heard a block away. The humans in the surrounding homes were retiring for the evening. Lights from the windows flooding the area a few hours ago now went dark.

With one last lung-filled breath, Stefan took in the scent of salt mixed with the fragrant flowers. The hint of gardenia and irises in the house adjacent to the Black Rose cast their scents enough for him to pick up. This is what living was about. That and finding someone to share his existence with. Could the intriguing Alexandra be the one?

Tomorrow night.

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