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Book 2 with the Vampire Syndicate Novel Series is out! Playing with a Vampire picks up after Hunting a Vampire with Gregori Van Zant and Candi Hartz. Available on Amazon.


Candi Hartz, is a romance novelist, trapped in a loveless marriage. When she finds a business card printed with a vampire club address in her husband’s clothes, she discovers more than a bar. There she meets the seductive owner, the Master and Commander of the local Blood Family. With one kiss she enters a world she only read about.

Three hundred sixty year old Gregori Van Zant, a life scarred and bitter vampire, is the head of the Mid-Atlantic family who recently lost the protection of his Sergeant Palatine and Enforcer. To complicate matters, a captivating woman walks into his club, a human female who is unlike any other. With a fortuitous change of events the next night, Gregori seizes an opportunity to strike a deal, and snare the lovely Candi in his subtle web.

Candi and Gregori agree on a contract, sex in exchange for information, and they set out on a week’s adventure. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her how. An old enemy comes to town and disrupts their plans.
With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?


Could his existence find an even keel again after how Dragos Munteanu had disrupted the norm? The spread of a deadly virus and introduction of the highly addictive drug Blue into the mainstream of humanity edged on insanity, but if it had worked, would’ve been a brilliant move by Dragos. Gregori had to admit that much about the maniacal vamp and he almost got away with the plan if not for Gregori and other vamp leaders. To hear the FBI and V Bounty hunters talk, they were the ones who thwarted the plot. Working with humans wasn’t his first choice, but he had no other at the time. Now, the humans were riding high on their success.
Is that why I’m so pissed off at everything lately?

“Master Gregori, would you like another cognac before the next scene starts?” The vamp waitress’ dulcet voice wrenched him from the doom and gloom thoughts.
Hooded silvery gray eyes glanced up to peer at the scantily clad server. “Yes, thank you Sheena.” The young woman had been in his family for almost twenty years. She’d not changed since the day he turned her. Innocence still graced her happy disposition despite what he had to do to save her.

“Very good.” She removed the empty glass and napkin then departed.
Cognac Paradis. What the fuck Stefan? What the fuck indeed. He never drank the strong liquor before Stefan introduced the concoction to the Transfixed and the Black Rose V Clubs as the House Special. No doubt, a blend Stefan brought from one of his European quests. Do vamps get depressed? What’s wrong with me?
Gregori hated the hard stuff. Normally, he drank blood wine, but for some brain fart reason, he took up the foul concoction when Stefan left his employ and moved to Miami Beach. The kick of the drink made his insides warm and fuzzy, and reminded of him of the time spent as a young rogue vampire a couple centuries ago.
Ever the watchful master and lord of his domain, Gregori surveyed the club as he pushed the ugly thoughts of his early years out of his head. Humans and vamps played together, having blood and sex exchanges, with a twist. He’d brought a new and edgy take on a lifestyle club in Virginia Beach twenty-odd years ago. After leaving the New York family, he headed south and landed at the Beach. He never left and when he took over the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family, he revitalized it, but he’d become bored.
Patrons were happy, but something didn’t seem right anymore and he grew weary with the same political bullshit in the town. Nothing excited him, made him feel like his existence have the spark he used to have. Dragos had at least sparked things for a bit, but within weeks the adrenaline high faded.
His new V existence began with similar exuberance at first, reveling in the power that came with the change. At the time, the world welcomed him into the dark, cruel, brutal, and bloodthirsty realm of other vampires. Humans were easy to take and he had no remorse for doing so. They’d treated him with disdain from the day he was born and he owed them nil in return. Women were the easiest. He viewed them for what they were, vessels for his physical pleasure and bloodlust, nothing more. Until he met Lady Johanna van der Ghent in Antwerp, Belgium.
Damn, I haven’t thought of Johanna in ages. It must be the liquor.
Sheena returned with the House Special and placed another cocktail napkin before him and the drink on top, “Your cognac, Master Gregori.”
“Thank you, Sheena.”
The centuries old thoughts about Johanna stirred emotions. The memories and pain were buried deep. He’d locked them away long ago, never wanting them to surface again. Tonight they did, but why?
Just what the world needs a manic-depressive vampire.
He snickered and sipped the foul drink, sliding the biting liquid across his tongue and down his gullet.
Ah, Johanna, the once lovely and vibrant beauty I would have risked everything to make mine forever.
The woman ruined him for every woman that followed. She’d taught him not to trust another again. Or, love.

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