Saturday, April 30, 2016

MY SEXY SATURDAY with Mr. Nash and Miss Jameson

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday and my idea of what sexy is. Since I write primarily erotic romance with elements of BDSM, how could I not say that my idea of sexy is being tied up and have naughty things done for pleasure?

This excerpt is from Apartment 18B, the first session between Christopher Nash and Brooklyn Jameson. He's taken her to his "playroom" and Brooklyn's curiosity has gotten the best of her. She asks him to tie her up in order to see what it was like. Uh huh, she's in for an interesting "first time". The passage is from Nash's point of view.

“I understand. Keep going, please,” she panted.
I continued wrapping the rope, adding another extension and knotting it when reaching the end. The rope extended around her shoulders twice then over and under her breasts. The taut restraint caused her nipples to poke against the sheer material of the lingerie. I yearned to suck the pointed tips in my mouth. Fuck! I needed to keep focused, but she looked so damned beautiful.
“Spread your legs shoulder width.” I was firm, and let the tension in my shoulders relax. I was surprised with her eagerness at allowing me to restrain her with rope. I wasn’t complaining, but had to rein in my enthusiasm.
I was pleased with how quickly and without complaint she complied. When I brought the rope up between her legs, she attempted to squeeze her thighs together. Then, she made little squeaking noises.
I gave her a tap on the nearest butt cheek. “Keep your legs apart. Next time, the smack will be harder.” My tone was short, almost menacing to get my point across.
Once she stilled, I ran another piece of rope from the middle of her back, between her legs and split the double strands to rest on each side of her clitoris. I tugged and slipped them through the anchored rope around her breasts at the sternum. It was rather taut and elicited a mewing response.



Unlock unimaginable pleasure… 
Christopher Nash, a man of the world is disgustingly wealthy and to some a notorious womanizer. His methods in sex and women are the same as in his business dealings—execute a plan and always get what he wants. After rescuing a sassy and gorgeous woman, something behind her eyes makes him want to take care of her. 

…and surrender to him. 
Brooklyn Jameson literally stumbles at the feet of a mysterious man. Handing her an unusual business card offers the opportunity to meet again. At the appointed time and place, he makes an offer she can’t refuse. Life is about to change when she accepts the proposition—four weekends unlocking her wildest fantasies of pleasure. 

In the end, can Brooklyn trust Christopher and surrender to every dark desire inside Apartment 18B or run away when he breaks her heart? 



Until next time my safe and play nice...

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  1. Interesting snippet. I'm sure she'll have her every desire fulfilled. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday.


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