Thursday, January 24, 2013


I've been knee-deep in edits with the debut book from the Masters of Tabu Series -- Master Knight! Still don't have a release date yet, or the cover, but I'm suspecting I'll have both very soon. On that day I can assure you I'll be jumping up and down and post here and every social networking place I can!

Here's a little snippet from the edited version. Enjoy!

“Move forward.”
Again, his words willed her aching body to respond without question. How could she willingly obey this virtual stranger she’d only known a few months? Her body, mind, and very existence didn’t belong to her anymore. Only him. Her sexual tormentor, her Sir, her Master. Then he pressed a large hand along her spine and the other hand wrapped around her waist. With a gentle push, he forced her to bend forward.
“Good girl. You’re learning your lessons well, my pet. I want you to think about what you’re feeling. Tonight is about the sensations I bring to your receptive body and surrendering to me.”
I thought being tied up or spanked was. Did we change the rules, and he forgot to give me the memo? Using his hold on her waist, he maneuvered her down onto the hard surface. From what she remembered of the d├ęcor in the room, a wooden table was located at the far end of the space. From the way the polished hardness felt against her nakedness, she’d bet money that’s where he had her bend over.
Awareness of every nuance he brought swamped her. Damn, he stood too close, testing her resolve to his big, masculine, and over-powering presence. As he whispered teasing words near her ear, his warm breath tickled the small hairs on the back of her neck. The smooth, velvety voice was measured and sure. The silkiness of his shirt brushed against her bare flesh. As a man accustomed to taking charge, she reacted with no shame, no reservations, only subjugation to his sensual ministrations. This masterful man made her feel alive, cared for, and dare she wish—loved. All the dark secrets she kept hidden within her entire life came to the forefront, not even her affection of song and dance could compare to the burning fire he brought out.
Again, she squirmed. Ignoring his demand not to move, she tried to straighten because the nipple clamps pressed uncomfortably into her skin against the hard surface. The movement had him forcing her down even more. The helplessness against his strength would have frightened most women, but deep down she reveled in the physical control he had over her mind and body.
Oh no! Her fidgeting earned her a slap on her right butt cheek, followed by his hand sliding between her wet folds.
“Did I give you permission to move? I’ve told you several times not to.”
She shook her head in compliance and mumbled indecipherable words through the gag. His fingers glided along her delicate tissues and probed around her vaginal opening, drawing a deep groan from her throat. Surrender? Yes, I’m surrendering. Just don’t stop.
“That’s right, pet. You didn’t have permission and because you disobeyed, you’ve earned another punishment.”
Going completely still, she waited and listened to hear his breathing change or determine if handling her turned him on as much as her. Positive he wanted her, although she couldn’t definitely make that assessment. Then again, he was the experienced one in their relationship and controlled not only her but his reactions as well. The aching for his gentle touch escalated, and she didn’t know if she could take much more before he was inside, stroking her to an explosive release. Yes, punish me. Let me come, please.
Distracted by his fingers sliding along the swollen flesh, she hadn’t noticed when his other hand went from caressing her back to tugging on the chain linking the nipple clamps. The sudden pain mixed with pleasure shot straight to her clit again. Several times she thrust her hips up, whimpering when the act didn’t work because she wanted him to pay attention to the sensitive nub.
The only verbal outcry she managed was a guttural grunt through the gag.
“You are being such a disobedient girl. I said don’t move.”

Thanks for taking a peek. Be naughty, my pets! 


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