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I have Kayelle Allen honoring me with being a guest today. I got to know her through Marketing for Romance Writers and appreciate everything she has done through that group. I've learned a lot! I'm excited she's giving us a little look at her release due out February 13th, Fifty Gays of Shade. Love the title. So enough about the introduction, take it away Kayelle . . . 

Why does getting something new make a grown woman act like a little kid? You should have seen me when I got the cover to my newest book. Good thing I was sitting down, otherwise I might have knocked things over doing the happy dance around the room. The new Torquere Press anthology Fifty Gays of Shade is starting to grab attention simply for its title. Throw in a hot cover and you have an instant winner.

The book came about as a response to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. Who hasn't heard of that? The market is glutted with Fifty Shades of Fill-in-the-blank books. There are also ten shades, twenty shades, ad infinitum. What's different about this title is it flips the sound of the words in reverse, and that catches the imagination. I know when I heard it, I immediately wanted to be a part of creating the story.

Here's the set up. Shady Business is a gay BDSM club owned by Grey Shade, and the club's motto is "No good deed goes unpunished." Authors in the anthology were given a nightclub layout, an image to use as a guide for describing Grey Shade, and carte blanche for the story. We were to use Grey if possible, but not have him too deeply involved with our characters.

From there, it was up to our fertile imaginations to take the reader on a fun and sensual journey. My story is "Bill Me." When an old member of the Shady Business BDSM club returns from a hiatus, he meets a new member searching for a proper identity -- and a master who'll help him find it.


"Is that you, Erik?"

I turned to see who had used my name so freely in one of the country's premier BDSM clubs, and found the club's owner walking toward me. "Hello, Shade." I accepted his firm handshake. "Long time no see. You look fit as always." The man wore a black leather hat, black zipped leather shorts, boots, and had a chain wrapped around one wrist.

"I could say the same." He raked his gaze down me. "Damn, man. Where the hell have you been? I heard you relocated again."

I shrugged. "You know me. Never could settle anywhere."

"Let's grab a drink." Shade led me deeper into the club, away from the noisy stage and DJ.

We passed the elevator, and sidestepped around a laughing couple exiting the bathroom. From their tousled appearance, it took little imagination to guess what they'd been doing in there. Had house rules changed? Shade rubbed a spot between his brows and pretended not to notice. He continued through reception, and used a keycard to open a passageway to his office and the play room area.

Gesturing between the two, he quirked his brows, giving me a choice of location. I opted for the privacy of his office, and he opened the door.

Little had changed here, other than a few additional awards on the wall. I sat in the leather chair opposite his desk. He flipped open a cabinet and withdrew a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, handing me one. Shade surprised me by dropping into the chair next to mine. He poured generously, set down the bottle, and leaned back.

"You want to tell me what's up?" He gazed at me over the rim of the glass while he sipped.

I swirled the whiskey, gave it a sniff, and smiled over at him. "What do you mean?"

He pulled a face. "We going to play a head game or are you going to tell me what brings you here -- wearing a three piece suit-- after fifteen months away?"

"Fifteen months? What, were you counting the days?"

"You were here for my birthday party for the past five years, and then missed it last year. I happen to know yours is in three days. We always celebrated together when you were in town. So yeah, I fuckin' know the number of days." He downed the rest of his drink, set aside the glass, and folded his arms across his beefy chest. "What's with the suit?"

"In town on business." I hesitated, but remembered this was Shade I was talking to, and sighed. "Corey moved out six weeks ago."

"No shit? You okay?"

"Yeah. Now."

Shade shook his head. "I'm sorry, Erik. You here to get back in the saddle?"

I took a slug of the whiskey, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and then finished it. "Figured it's time."

He sat forward. "Looking for the same type?"

"Hell, no. Older. He was twenty when we met. I need someone a little less..." While I struggled for the best description, Shade supplied an apt one.

"Full of shit?"

We both laughed. He poured me another drink. The sound of the liquid sloshing into the glass filled the silence in my head.

"Yeah. That'd work." I sipped.

"We've got some new talent. You walk in wearing that suit, and they'll be licking your shoes."

I polished off the drink, and refused another. "Not really what I want licked tonight."

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Coming February 13, 2013 from Torquere Press

Edited by Kiernan Kelly author of Weapon of Choice, and dozens of other gay romance stories. The book includes stories by Amelia June, CB Conwy, CC Bridges, DC Juris, Emily Moreton, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, KC Wells, Kiernan Kelly, Lydian Harker, PT Walden, Sascha Illyvich, Sean Michaels, Wade Kelly, Winnie Jerome, and Wt Prater.

About the Author

Multipublished author Kayelle Allen runs Marketing for Romance Writers, the Romance Lives Forever blog, and a graphics company called The Author's Secret. She swears she also sleeps, eats, and writes, and not at the same time. Usually.

Marketing for Romance Writers http://marketingforromancewriters.org
The Author's Secret http://theauthorssecret.com

Wow! That was great Kayelle! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing. I hope you stop by again. Please don't forget to give Kayelle some love and leave her a comment.

Until then . . . be naughty, my pets!

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  1. Thank you Gray. How could you pass up info on a book with a character whose name is so close to yours? ;) I appreciate you letting me hang out here today. I will do my best to take your advice to heart, too. I intend to be very very naughty! ^_^


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