Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So excited, today is RELEASE DAY for Cristale's Awakening. A couple of weeks ahead of schedule, so last minute promotion is in order. I'll be on a few blogs for the next month promoting her. For this week, you can pick up the novella at Secret Cravings Publishing, http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=2&products_id=561. Soon will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookStrand and All Romance Ebooks. Until then take a peek at a naughty scene.

He set his hand on her nape, his thumb curving around the side of her neck. He focused on her face. “Interesting perceptions. Are you curious about kinky sex? Like restraints, spanking, erotic play? BDSM includes other pleasures other than pain, many I’d enjoy training you in. As far as strange clothes, I prefer my subs to wear nothing or only very little clothing when I play.”
The same pretty pink blush when they were in the elevator rose on her cheeks again. “Naked play?”
Hunter glanced down at her breasts, her nipples poking against her blouse. His balls tightened with the thought of touching them. Fuck. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Like it or not, her body was aroused by the subject of BDSM, and he better tread lightly or scare her away. “Yes. Let me explain further then you can ask more questions.”
“I have never taken a sub to train or done more than play a scene at a club. That part of my life I kept separate from my public persona. You obviously aren’t in the lifestyle, so you don’t know all the protocols of who does what. I could give you some stock answers to fill in the blanks for all your questions, but that won’t serve our purposes for tonight. I will tell you what I want from a submissive, which is what I believe you are. I do not wish to have a slave. I do expect complete submission in the bedroom, in a club, and also when we are alone. If you agree you want this, I will want to have a say in all areas of your life, but I will not choose your friends or your clothes or tell you how to run your business. However, I will expect you to take my views into account. Many things can be discussed and mutually agreed upon in advance, but if I give an order I will have instant obedience or there will be consequences. Now ask your questions.”
“You want to be my Dom? You want to have kinky sex with me?”
He lowered his head and captured her mouth with his in a fierce passion, smothering her gasp of surprise. He broke the embrace just enough to murmur, “I want you, Cristale. Not just kinky sex. I’ve wanted you for such a long time and can’t wait any longer.”
Her lips trembled as if she held in some strong emotion. “Oh, Hunter, I—”
Pulling her closer, he stifled any further protest or second thoughts she might have, brushing her lips tenderly with his. He’d make sure she couldn’t think straight as his fingers wrapped softly around her neck, holding her close as their kiss deepened. Her mouth tasted sweet and hot like cinnamon candy. This scenario played out better in reality than his imaginary one in the elevator.
Steele pulled back and traced the outline of her kiss-swollen lips with the pad of his thumb. “You’re so beautiful.” Her gaze rose to his, and he saw the frightened woman in her dark-blue eyes, breathing in soft pants.
Physical desire spun its way into his body as her passion-filled sapphire irises connected with his. He wanted to dominate and make her compliant to his every command. He wanted to bury his prick in her cunt so deep she’d scream his name. He’d love her the way he’d wanted since the first time he’d seen her at the office. Above all, he needed her trust, the kind that transcended their bodies and captured their souls.
She sucked in her bottom lip between her teeth. “You’re not going to be gentle with me, are you?”
A strangled groan filled his throat, along with shaking his head ever so slightly. “No, probably not.”
Steele pulled her upward, kissing her again. The intensity of the hunger coursing through his body shocked him. Being celibate and out of the lifestyle for too many long months already made him horny as hell, and having Cristale in his arms sent his libido into a spiral he wasn’t sure he’d recover. The woman, who had ruled his ordinary dreams, his daydreams, and his wet dreams, now truly was in his place, and soon in his bed, bound and open wide for his enjoyment, and hers.
He nibbled her generous bottom lip. Breaking the teasing caress, he brushed his lips with tender kisses over her neck to her ear. “The time for talking is over. Time for your next lesson and let’s take this to my room of pleasure.”
Roughly lifting her off her feet, he scooped her into his arms, hers snaking around his neck.
“Room of pleasure? Is that what you call your bedroom? Really?” She snickered as she stared into his face, taking him back by her change of attitude.
“No, my bedroom is my bedroom. Some call their play rooms a dungeon, but I live in a condo and the last I checked, they don’t have dark, underground areas. So my extra space is like a den of decadence if you will. I’m quite proud of it, thank you very much.” He meant to lighten the mood because she seemed to tense up again.
“Okay. Do I get one of those words to say in case I don’t want to do this?”
He smiled. She had read something about BDSM protocols even if they had been in erotica novels. “A safeword. Yes, Cristale. In my house the safeword is red.”
“Good, but why can’t I pick my own?”
“The word has to be something that if you use it the meaning is clear you want to stop all play. No questions, no misunderstandings. Red is easier to remember. Let me warn you now about using your safeword. If you do, I will stop, and we’ll talk about the reasons. Discomfort, pain, whatever. Do you understand?”
She swallowed hard. “Yes, I understand. I’ll use red. For now.”
Hunter raised a brow and shook his head slightly. “That’s my girl.”
Until another day my naughty pets,

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