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Hope everyone had a great Monday. Today Lindsay has returned with an interview with Simone from Love and War.

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Okay, take it away Lindsay!

LINDSAY: Are you upset your name is not in the title? 

SIMONE: I’m not upset because my name is in the title. Brian on the other hand has been impossible to live with, you know all that male ego. 

LINDSAY: Is your love interest the way you pictured him or her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color? 

SIMONE: Well, he’s 7 years older now and even more handsome. 

LINDSAY: Are you happy with the profession I chose for you or would you rather be working at something totally different and why? 

SIMONE: Yes, considering I started out as the daughter of the town baker and ended up the mistress of an estate. Every girls dream. 

LINDSAY: Would you like to be taller, blonder, thinner or smarter than you have been portrayed? 

SIMONE: Considering you're a guy I think you did a pretty good job of describing what I look like. Even if I was given a chance I wouldn’t want to change a thing about me. 

LINDSAY: Now for a personal question. Is there enough sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more? 

SIMONE: You sure are nosy. What we do in the bedroom or wherever is our business. I’m kidding. After all, this is a love story so a little sex is needed but, and here’s why you excel, not to where it overtakes the story. Lindsay, you give just enough to keep me guessing when and where it might happen. 

LINDSAY: Did I handle your "love" scenes the way you like or were they too explicit or not explicit enough?

SIMONE: One word--perfect.

LINDSAY: Is Brian a good kisser?  

SIMONE: Oh boy can Brian kiss. Every time our lips lock it's a toe-curling experience, one I can never get enough of.

LINDSAY:  Did I listen to you when you tried to redirect you?

SIMONE: If you didn't listen to me you knew I'd come down on your head with a rolling pin. Trust me being the daughter of a baker I can get my hands on some big ones.

LINDSAY: Did you get enough time in the story or do you feel shortchanged?

SIMONE:  If anyone should feel shortchanged it's my love interest. Don't forget this is my story, not his as much as he'd like to think it is or should be.

LINDSAY: Were you happy with your wardrobe?

SIMONE: Since the story is set during the Sprint of 1944 in Occupied France, my clothing options were pretty limited.

Okay, that's the end of the interview. Let's take a peek at an excerpt from Love and War.

Simone - Returning to Occupied France in advance of the allied invasion leaves no time for love between Sergeant Brian Deveneau and Simone. War tears apart lives and love. Will they survive?

Rescued - Injured Ensign Steve Henry awakens from severe wounds to the tender care of Lieutenant Suzanne Cunningham. Attraction explodes between them but will war tear them apart in the end?

Angel in Green - Never expecting to find love, 1st Lieutenant Elena Roberts must put aside her feelings for 2nd Lieutenant Steve Johnson. When her hospital is overrun by North Vietnamese soldier's, she must guard not only her heart from the handsome solider, but keep him alive as well.



She balled her delicate hand into a fist. Without thought or warning, she let fly. Her hand connected with his well-boned jaw. She sent him staggering backward, ass over teakettle onto the ground.

A look of astonished shock crossed his face as he staggered backward from the blow. He hit the ground, letting out a moan. Was it pain? Was it shock? He didn't know. From behind him, laughter assaulted his hearing. He started to form words, but didn't get a chance to say them out loud before he heard someone say, "Glad to see you've still got a way with the women, Brian."

He glanced over his shoulder at the voice, a scowl curling his mouth. "Shut up, Alan."

He looked back to Simone, now standing at his feet. Her eyes, wide with anger, dared him to move. She still had her fist clenched tightly, ready to strike. Her body tense, ready to pounce. Lips that just a moment before had been soft and inviting were now pinched tightly together. If he didn't know better—which right now he wasn't sure he did—he'd swear one corner of her mouth was curled in a snarl.

From the way she was standing, he could tell she wasn't all that happy to see him again. Which differed from just a minute ago when they'd kissed. All he knew was this wasn't how he'd planned their first meeting after seven long, hard years. War makes for strange events, some planned, some not. And this was definitely not planned.

As he gazed up to her face, her pert nose resting above those full, pouty lips he'd just snacked on, a slight breeze rustled her shoulder-length auburn hair. A few strands teased loose from her bandana and floated across her face. She reached up to reset the errant wisps behind her ear, not knowing her cotton blouse had drawn tight across her breasts.

Brian couldn't help himself as his eyes lowered from her face to her chest as the blouse pleasingly conformed to the shape of her breasts. He was able to easily see her nipples, swollen and hard, pointed at him. In anticipation of enjoying them very soon—so he hoped and prayed—he ran the tip of his tongue over his lips.

As she noticed his gaze drift from her face downward, she allowed her eyes to follow his. Once she realized what he was staring lustfully, she quickly brought her arm down. While Simone still maintained her glare of anger, she eased a step forward. She repositioned herself over his lower legs as she lifted a fist from her hip, shaking it at him. "You son of a bitch. You think you can just waltz back into my life and with one kiss assume all is forgiven for abandoning me?"

Love it Lindsay! Can't wait to see what you bring us tomorrow. Stay tuned everyone and don't forget to comment below.
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  1. Simone told me this was the first time she'd been interviewed and didn't find it as horrible as she thought it would be.

  2. I really love this interview.

  3. I truly enjoy reading character interviews, sometimes it gives you a little more insight into the character(s) itself.


  4. Great excerpt! I wonder what happens next...

  5. Hope you and Simone are enjoying your spotlight today! Thanks for stopping by everyone and giving Lindsay some love by commenting.


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