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I'm hosting Lindsay Downs, Erotic Romance Author, all week! For FIVE days, he'll bring us a little about himself, his books and an interview with one of his characters. Oh, I wonder who it will be? To make things a little fun around here, there will be a contest running all week. To be entered into the hat, comment here (each day would give you 5 entries) AND go to any of his sites, blogs, Twitter, or FB page and follow Lindsay. Easy-Peasy! Enter every day (Monday - Friday) for more entries. The winner drawn by will receive a $20 Gift Certificate from Secret Cravings Publishing. Woo Hoo!!!

Today Lindsay starts out by telling us a little about himself and his social links. First, let me ask a few questions.

GRAY: A serious question first Lindsay. You're marooned on a small island with one person and one items of your choice--who is that person and what item do you have?

LINDSAY: As a man you'd think I might want my father or another significant male figure who helped mold me. I'm sorry to disappoint you all but the one person I'd love to have with me is my mother. She was a strong woman and there are times I feel I draw from that strength and impart it into my heroines. An unlimited supply of pens/pencils and paper so I can write the books that invade my brain.

GRAY: My mom was my anchor too. Pens/Pencils/Paper? A real author answer. :) Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life and which character in that musical are you?

LINDSAY: Sorry, I've never been much of a musical kind of person.

GRAY: Okay, let's try something different. Take these four words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them: gaslight, chattel, divan, like.


Gaslight from the pole outside her room replaced the warmth of sun as her last day as a young lady drew to a close. Tomorrow she’d wed, not the man of her dreams, but another more her father’s liking.
As the daughter of a powerful earl he’d disregarded her request to be with her one true love. In essence he was treating her like chattel, which she wasn’t but a person with a mind and will of her own.
To add insult to injury, on her divan the traveling gown she was being forced to wear after the ceremony.  
   GRAY: Love, love it. I tried to use words for the period you write and you did great! When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?
   LINDSAY: Since I write series, I usually start with the story line. When I do start a new book I might, if I don't have the character names use XX for a woman and XY for a man. In my contemporary series, A Jessica Sales Novel with the first Ice Queen being released in June, except for the villain and a few very minor people the main characters remain the same. With the several regencies series I'm writing in the first book I introduce, along with the primary people in it the main characters for the second, and so forth. This way you get to learn a little about them before their book comes out. The first, Spy Catcher, is releasing in July.

   GRAY: I'm a pantster with a little plotting. I love to hear how other authors create their stories. If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?

   LINDSAY: Brendan Fraser maybe. I love watching him the different Mummy movies and the way he goes from serious to comic then back to sort of serious so quickly.

   GRAY: Oh, Brendan Fraser is one of my fav's and I love all the Mummy movies! Who's your favorite horror villain and why?

   LINDSAY:  Well, they're not necessarily my favorite horror villain, except Selene in the Underworld movies as she's just plain hot, but vampires. Talk about disgusting and especially their eating habits. Can't they drain someone dry without making a mess of it. Oh, that also included twinkle boy, his wife and all of the others.

   GRAY: Uh, oh. I love vampire books. Don't like the movies because visually they can get more graphic than if I read them. But, do like Selene (Kate Beckinsale). Do you have an historical crush and if so, who is it?

   LINDSAY: I'm not sure but I'd love to go back and spend time with Jane Austen. 

    GRAY: Can't go wrong with Jane Austen. Is there a story that you'd like to tell but you think the world isn't ready to receive it?

    LINDSAY: If there is a story I want to tell, then I will. If the world isn't ready for it, well that's too friggen bad because I'm going to.  

     Well, that's it for the interview and I hope everyone got to know you a little more, Lindsay. Take it away with what you've brought us today.  


My Bio: What does it take to be a bestselling author? Determination, skill, talent, luck or taking a risk with a venture into a totally new genre. For me it was a little of some and a lot of the others.

In 2008 when I got 2 books published I thought it was due to skill; little did I know it was more luck than anything. Over the next three years I wrote, submitted, got rejected. I then did what I tell everyone who asks; I wrote some more. I didn’t give up.

Turns out it is all of the aforementioned.

After two failed marriages, one from divorce while with the other she dies unexpectedly I decided upon retirement to move. That opportunity came in September 2012 when I migrated to Texas.

For me, as a multi-published author it was one of the best things I’ve done to date. Now, every day I can write, creating stories to take my readers to places they can only dream about.

Where to find Lindsay:

Twitter: @ldowns2966

Murders and Mysteries blog:

Thanks again Lindsay. We'll look forward to what you bring us tomorrow.
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  1. Gray, Thanks for having me all week long. This is going to be one rocken party.
    Now folks, don't expect everything I write to be erotica. Granted, I've been known to turn the heat up to high but what I love is the suggested tease where I take you to the edge. There you get to use your imagination, maybe.

  2. Awesome interview, great to learn more about you Lindsey!


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